What People Say About CPC

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CPC has thousands of members and supporters across Colorado. Here's what some of them think about CPC and our work.

"I am proud to be an active member of the Colorado Progressive Coalition. When people have lost faith in their political system it's usually because they've been shut out of it. Reviving our democracy and empowering people who've been marginalized are therefore inextricably linked. In fact, they're the same step.

"We can't just advocate for change. We have to build the people power to implement it. Colorado Progressive Coalition understands this, and that's how they've been creating real changes in Colorado for more than 12 years. So, if you're frustrated by injustice, fed up with apathy, or tired of seeing broken-down communities, don't get mad, join CPC!"

--Jonny 5, Flobots (www.flobots.com), Denver CPC Member

“Colorado Progressive Coalition is one of the best and most impressive coalitions I have ever seen. The power African-Americans, Latinos, and other people of color; religious and union leaders; low-income and middle class families; gays and lesbians and environmentalists; young people and other progressives --- all united through the CPC lets me know that progressive social change is just around the corner.”

---U.S. Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr, Illinois

"The best groups working on "get out the vote" are local groups who work where they live and know their communities. These are local groups that use their resources really well. The Colorado Progressive Coalition is....one of the best voter groups in the country, conducting one of the largest community-based voter registration and mobilization drives in Colorado history. They are targeting new voters, primarily people who aren't heard by decision makers, including people of color, low- and moderate-income people from all backgrounds, gay and lesbian people, and young people."

--True Majority (truemajority.org) "Nation's Top 5 Voter Groups" 

"The Progressive Coalition is the anchor of the common-sense, people-first ideology that over-funded right-wingers are trying to dismantle everyday. No other organization is more effective at driving the coalitions that help preserve dignity and respect for all Coloradans. Without a well-funded Progressive Coalition in Colorado, we would see a dangerous paradigm shift in Colorado to the far, far right."

--Tyler Chafee, Former Political Director, Colorado AFL - CIO

"CPC is the true voice for progressive change in Colorado. Other groups may claim to represent a progressive perspective, but CPC is the group that is actually working in the field to organize disenfranchised communities and help them realize their political power. I'm proud to have been CPC member since its inception, and I'm amazed at all they have accomplished."

--Pat Steadman, Denver CPC Member and State Senator

"I became a CPC member not only because I support its mission of social, economic and political justice, but also because it's wrong to steal. As a Coloradan, a civil rights lawyer, progressive activist and a political commentator and writer, I've been profiting from the incredible work done by CPC for years. I thought it was about time to make an honest woman of myself."

--Dani Newsum, Centennial CPC Member

"As a rural progressive in a state run by conservatives currently, I find it crucial to form coalitions with progressive groups, and CPC is the one group that brings a wide diversity of people to the table and issues important to more than just one interest group."

--Art Goodtimes, San Miguel County Commissioner, Norwood CPC Member

"The Colorado Progressive Coalition is important to the future of Colorado because it is the only non-partisan citizens' advocacy group working with elected officials, state and local governments, senior citizens, youth groups, school districts, Black and Latino organizations, and just ordinary folks, to make sure that the benefits of a fair and democratic society are extended to all, and enjoyed by all. The CPC speaks for many Coloradans who would otherwise not be heard."

--Jose "Joe" Barrera, Colorado Springs CPC Member

"The Colorado Progressive Coalition is a terrific ally. They bring energy, passion, smarts and integrity to every issue and coalition they are a part of. We have been lucky to work in coalition with them on a number of important issues - including working to end the scourge of big money politics so that all Coloradans have an opportunity to participate meaningfully in our politics and government."

--Pete Maysmith, former Executive Director, Colorado Common Cause

"CPC is the only truly progressive organization group that I know in Colorado. It's commitment to anti-oppression and organizing across lines of race and class make it unique and an invaluable model for other organizations."

--Barry Johnson-Fay, Board President of the Board Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission, Colorado Springs CPC Member

"Colorado Progressive Coalition is one of Colorado's treasures. It shines the spotlight on discrimination, oppression and exclusion, and successfully organizes the grass roots to correct injustice. It tackles tough political issues, and bases effective action on good research and moral conscience."

--Audrey Faulkner, Fort Collins CPC Member

"In the summer of 2001, before immigration issues hit the limelight, ElCentro AMISTAD Immigrant Rights Center sought the help of CPC to understand 'how a bill becomes a law' in Colorado. CPC not only conducted a workshop for our members, but provided key links to others working on immigrant rights issues. With the help of CPC staff's expertise and infectious enthusiasm, paired with a grounding in political reality, progressives in Colorado have made great strides on behalf of immigrant community members."

--Laurie Herndon, EI Centro AMISTAD, Boulder

"With so many different organizations in this state, CPC is an umbrella organization covering all the bases. Every state needs a CPC! I see it as the only way the progressive movement can gain momentum."

--Tobi Hale, Former Colorado State NOW Coordinator; Estes Park CPC Member

"When I first moved to Colorado over five years ago, I heard about CPC and was excited that such an organization existed in Colorado. I contacted the organization to learn more and was very impressed with their analysis of problems and the creative program and advocacy solutions initiated to make positive changes. I've been a donor ever since and continue to feel that CPC responsibly and proactively moves a political agenda forward while building bridges across lines of race, wealth, culture, and language in Colorado. CPC's staff and program excite and inspire me!"

--Greg Borom, Colorado Springs CPC Member

"Being surrounded by the positive, passionate energy of everyone busily working around the office for two months, it doesn't surprise me that CPC is as successful and vital an organization as it is. While I had the opportunity to develop my professional skills, I also came to realize and appreciate what it means to be part of a truly diverse, multi-cultural environment and how unfortunately rare it is. Being at CPC has reminded me what real creativity and grassroots community organizing can and should look like. I have never participated in a group that so quickly made me feel like I was a significant part of something; from everyone's kindness and humility to their humor and open mindedness, I can confidently say that I couldn't have found an organization more dedicated to community than CPC."

--Maayan-Rahel Simon, Summer Intern

"It has been a privilege for me to support Colorado Progressive Coalition from its earliest days. Justice has been CPC's goal; striving to see justice done its work, what a marvelous purpose. As a person of advanced age, I have seen many heroes die. Witnessing these departures, I have wondered who might take up their fight for humanity and justice. It is with a feeling of triumph that I see the Colorado Progressive Coalition carrying on the principles of the best people I have known. I shall continue to support CPC and to participate in the organization's efforts."

--Eric Boyer, Littleton CPC Member